County Code

Table of Contents
This electronic copy of the Manitowoc County Code is provided for the convenience of the user. However, it is an unofficial copy and should be used for reference only. If you need an official copy of any Manitowoc County ordinance, please contact the Manitowoc County Clerk.

Chapter 01
County Organization

Chapter 02
County Departments and Agencies

Chapter 03
Emergency Management

Chapter 04

Chapter 05

Chapter 06
Police Ordinances

Chapter 07
Public Health

Chapter 08
General Zoning. Manitowoc County adopted a comprehensive revision of its current general zoning code on November 7, 2011. Any town that did not adopt the comprehensive revision by November 7, 2012, is no longer subject to the county’s general zoning ordinance. Appendix A contains a table showing the date on which each town adopted the comprehensive revision, including Appendix B: Zoning Guide and Appendix C: Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Chapter 09
Shoreland Zoning

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
Airport Operations, Minimum Standards, and Approach Protection

Chapter 12
Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 13
Private Sewage System

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16
Definitions, Construction, Severability

Chapter 17
Records Retention

Chapter 18
Emergency Telephone Service

Chapter 19
Animal Waste Management Ordinance

Chapter 20
Mobile and Radio Broadcast Services

Chapter 21
Nonmetallic Mining Operations

Chapter 22
Use of Citations For Certain Ordinance Violations

Chapter 23 (Repealed 11-03-2015)
Former Private Water Systems Ordinance

Chapter 24
Large Wind Energy System Ordinance

Chapter 25
Small Wind Energy System Ordinance  

Chapter 26
Animal Waste Storage Ordinance

Chapter 27
Agricultural Shoreland Management Ordinance

Chapter 28
Livestock Facility Licensing

Chapter 29
Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 30

Chapter 31
Floodplain Zoning - Appendix A

Chapter 32
Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing