Foster Care Facts

The Foster Care program is comprised of Foster Care, Kinship Care, and Respite Care. Each of these programs involves providing a safe, stable, and caring environment for children ages 0-18 who are unable to live with their own families due to safety concerns or other family crises. The program has a goal of reunification of all families, making a foster home a temporary place for their child to reside at.

Description of Program Services:

Foster Care Stats

  • Average age: 8 years
  • Average length of stay: 2 years
  • Number of foster homes: 35+
  • Number of children in care: 80+

"Being a foster family has been a positive experience for our whole family. Our four sons have learned to be more empathic, patient, and generous. We know how lucky we are to have the kind of family and the kind of home that others can benefit from. We love giving back to our community by caring for children who are in need. ~Joanne"